Android UI Development Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Romain Guy and Chet Haase from the Google Android UI Toolkit team talk about approaches for developing more effective user interfaces (UI) in Android applications. From performance to widgets to layout to animations, you’ll learn tons of top techniques that will make your UIs totally terrific.

Video Producer: Devoxx Conference


  1. is a small video streaming platform that hosts videos produced by conferences like Devoxx and many Java user groups around the worlds. You will not find theses videos elsewhere and note that not all videos are stored on Youtube ;O) You can find some on,, or other platforms, because for instance there are better “rights” management on those platforms. Parleys might not work in your specific case because it requires the flash technology.

  2. Jasper

    Where I can find this video and not on ‘Parleys’ (???) It doesn’t work on Linux – I just see ‘loading’ circle and that’s it….. any YouTube link ?

  3. Parleys is a recording service for conferences and user groups and you won’t find their videos on other web sites. It requires flash to work and as it is a “smaller” service than Youtube for instance, it might have sometimes performances issues.

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