Why Google Stores Billions of Lines of Code in a Single Repository

This presentation discusses the scale of Google’s codebase, describes Google’s custom-built monolithic source repository, and discusses the reasons behind choosing this model of source control management. It includes background on the systems and workflows used at Google

Reducing Politics & Improving Culture

A recovering agile coach, Olaf focuses on organizational growth and cultural transformation. As a trust artist he enables people and organizations to flourish. Ask him for help to get out of your pain of non-working Agile and

Accessibility as a Driver for Software Quality

Accessibility is a quality outcome of a good software design and development practice. However, accessibility is commonly overlooked on product teams, or is considered a secondary or tertiary concern to be addressed at the end of product

Java on Mobile

With JavaFX, Java made its comeback on the client. It has never been easier to create an application in Java and deploy it on desktop, mobile and tablet. This presentation shows the current state of JavaFX on

Developing Maintainable Android Apps

The number of Android Libraries available is enormous and that number continues to grow day-by-day! But should you try to incorporate them all into your application? Do you really need to use EventBus, RxJava, and Custom Observables?