Your Code Smells

At the heart of every software product is the code, and code can have smells as well. Ignoring the smells in your code can lead to disastrous results for your product as well. What are some of

Handling Software Complexity with States and Nomads

We routinely make systems that exceed our ability to understand completely. Instead, we explore pieces at a time – small local details or large global abstractions, but rarely both at once. But software is far from unique

JavaScript, the Language of Chuck Norris

JavaScript, like English, is the language of commerce and is spoken everywhere – usually badly. Like English there is widespread debate about the best way to speak JavaScript – and if there even *is* a good way.

An Introduction to Modular Development

In this gentle introduction, with examples, to the forthcoming Java Platform Module System, you will learn how to create a module from scratch, compile it, test it, and run it. The session also shows basic techniques for

Microservices Architecture Patterns in the Cloud

Gilt, a billion dollar e-commerce company, implemented a sophisticated microservices architecture on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure to handle millions of customers visiting their site at noon every day. The microservices architecture pattern enables independent service