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This video discusses a framework that can assess how well an architecture organization understands its environment and determine if it is meeting the needs of the organization.

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Advice about software design focuses on the principles designers should adhere to and the structures that should be created. This leaves designers prone to creating the right design at the wrong time. “Why, When & How” fills this gap, giving designers an understanding of the overall goals of software design, when various techniques become relevant, and how to move smoothly from yesterday’s design to today’s.

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It’s a very exciting time for C++ programmers: multiple competitive, capable toolchains to choose from, a re-invigorated standard body, and great IDEs that even die-hard emacs/edlin users are flocking toward.

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When your software project grows into the 100s and 1000s of sub-projects within a single project tree you shouldn’t have to compromise on build performance, and the Gradle team has been working hard on optimizing for this high end of enterprise software builds. If you’re involved in large projects and are looking for ways to keep the developer experience a happy one with the build, this session is for you.

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These days testing is considered a sexy topic for programmers. Who’d have thought it? But what makes for good unit tests (GUTs)? There’s more to effective unit testing than just knowing the assertion syntax of a framework.

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Tutorials and how-to are great for learning the .NET programming basics, but they’re missing the pieces needed to make an organic, production app. Learn the fundamental steps needed to insure that your application can grow, interact with other applications, and, most importantly, remain maintainable. Learn the design patterns and coding practices that you should use on all projects, regardless of size.

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During the Kanban Leaders Retreat (KLRUS) in San Diego last November of 2012, several leading kanban coaches, trainers, and practitioners participated in a session focused on identifying some of the “surprising” myths and misconceptions about the Kanban Method observed as they coach, train, and guide others on work sites.

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Nowadays the label Functional is everywhere. There are more functional oriented languages in the JVM such as Clojure or Scala, but Groovy also has its…”Functional side”. Learn how to adopt functional style programming in Groovy and what are the tools Groovy bring us to implement functional code.

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We have created lots of tools which are intended to structure fuzzy or unclear business needs. We have created use cases, user stories, acceptance test and so forth. Although the tools above were designed to improve collaboration with customers , we use them to hide ourselves from business people. Instead of talking to an individual we tend to complete the forms.

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This talk is about the lean startup movement and how its ideas can be applied in order to incrementally build a product based on validated learning. We will discuss how adding features without first identifying our assumptions leads to waste. We’ll then see how experiments in the form of minimum viable products can help us reduce product risk and build useful products.