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Feature gluttony is a common sin among software development projects. Customers deliver never ending wish list of features they want. However, the key is not to build everything, but only things that are really needed. Learn how to defeat feature gluttony by… saying NO!

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See the hardcore production developer. See her optimize. See her unit test. See her scoff at the design implementation developer, who knows nothing of optimization, who, however, can turn a thumb drive full of drawings into an application before lunch. Brunch even. See them both scoff at the prototype developer. See the prototype developer invent five new interaction models between brunch and lunch, vetting them and down-selecting to the best of them before tea time. Let’s see them all.

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With the inexorable rise of native apps, users’ minimum expectation is now for a slick, frustration free experience whenever they’re using their mobile phones or tablets. But as a web community, we continue to struggle to match the experience of using well designed native apps.

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This discsussion explors what Domain-Driven Design (DDD) is and how it can help PHP developers to write better code. DDD is an approach that places attention at the heart of the application, focusing on the complexity that is intrinsic to the business domain itself. It also distinguishes the core domain (unique to the business) from the supporting sub-domains (typically generic in nature, such as money or time), and places appropriately more of the design efforts on the core.

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Enterprises do not have the benefit of starting from scratch, they must implement DevOps in an existing environment, often managing heritage investments along with fast moving projects. The monitoring tools unfortunately fall into the same category. These complex, dated, and costly monitoring tools don’t meet today’s needs in providing the visibility required for agile development that leverage continuous delivery and DevOps. Not only are the tools an issue, but the visibility and approaches are also problematic.

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Everybody talks about responsive design. Often, the claim is to provide all functions of a website or shop on a small smartphone screen. When the project is finished, analytics show that the expectations are not met. This talk presents an approach to plan a responsive website or shop based on use cases. Benefits: happy customers, lean projects and useful websites.

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The vast majority of change initiatives fail. Fortunately we have approaches like Kanban or, in a broader context, Lean and Systems Thinking. They help us to address the challenges we face when running our change programs. We should be good. Or should we? Surprisingly enough, with the rise of Lean we don’t really see improvements in success rates of change initiatives. Why so?

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Can reactive designs be implemented in any programming language? Or, are some languages and programming paradigms better for building reactive systems? How do traditional design approaches, like Object-Oriented Design (OOD) and Domain-Driven Design (DDD), apply to reactive applications.

[26 May 2015 | One Comment | ]

Is it just an apology for legacy software and spaghetti IT or is it a meaningful way of describing software systems in particular business contexts? What considerations make a difference when it comes to developing within an enterprise context? What technologies and practices help or hinder?

[19 May 2015 | One Comment | ]

Derick Bailey talks about the 5 stages of grief, as applied to software development. From denial to acceptance, Derick talks about the direct correlations between dealing with loss and how we deal with other human beings as software developers.