The Good Parts of Domain Driven Design

The greenfield project started out so promising. Instead of devolving into big ball of mud, the team decided to apply domain-driven design principles. Ubiquitous language, proper boundaries, encapsulation, it all made sense.

Mob Programming: a Whole Team Approach

Mob Programming is a software development approach where the whole team works on the same thing, at the same time, in the same space, and on the same computer. It is a whole-team approach to doing all

UX is not Only the Responsibility of the UXer

Some people in the software development industry still seem to think, that UX is some kind of unicorn fairy dust, that you sprinkle on a project in the end, and then it will magically make everything, that

Beyond Software Craftsmanship

This Beyond Software Craftsmanship talk discusses the career of Johnny – a full-stack software developer with 5+ years of experience under the belt, M.Sc degree and ‘get sh%t done fast’ mentality. Although Johnny possess exceptional technical skills,

Applying Design Principles to Software Development

This presentation shares some thoughts and experience on how you can apply design principles to software development, whether you work in a waterfall- or agile way, to be able to create products that people will love as