Software Developer Stress & Depression

Stress and stress-induced depression hit many software developers, and yet it is still a taboo. “I am stressed” has become something we hear every day, and it has almost become prestigious to say so; it shows that

Laziness is the Ultimate Sophistication, both in Life and in Programming

Most mainstream programming languages have adapted the functional style. We often hear why immutability is so important and how wonderful higher order functions are. These are but tools to reach a higher goal. In this presentation we

Software Is Details

‘It’s just a detail.’ Have you ever said that or been told that? Whether it’s about implementation or requirements, we often use the word detail to suggest that something is not important enough to worry about. There

Bridging the Designer-Developer Gap

It is not surprising that designers and software developers tend to be separate teams. Designers are all about creativity and art; software developers are about logic and effectiveness. Yet what we don’t realize is that both of

Onion Software Architecture With Stereotypes

The onion architecture is not as well known as the 3-tier software architecture but is gaining a lot of attention during the microservices era. It structures your software so that it is easy to change technologies without