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Nothing interrupts the continuous flow of value like bad surprises that require immediate attention: major defects; service outages; support escalations; or even scrapping just-completed capabilities that don’t actually meet business needs. You already know that the sooner you can discover a problem, the sooner and more smoothly you can remedy it. Agile practices involve testing early and often. However feedback comes in many forms, only some of which are traditionally considered testing. Continuous integration, acceptance testing with users, even cohort analysis to validate business hypotheses are all examples of feedback …

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It is said that there will be 20 to 50 billion connected devices by 2020, generating US$14.4 trillion in value. M2M — with machines connected so data can be exchanged among assets — works by embedding a communication module, sensor, or tag in a physical asset so that information about its status and performance can be sent to an information system, which enables a corporation to remotely monitor, maintain, and track these machines.

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Responsive design is great for websites, but it’s use is limited when it comes to web applications. It’s much better to design your UI from the ground up using to work equally well on phones, tablets and browsers and in this talk, I’ll show you how.

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In this talk we take a look at the latest changes and new features of the Spring Tool Suite, the Eclipse-based IDE that comes packed with support for Spring, Groovy, Grails, Gradle, AspectJ, and Cloud Foundry. We dive into the new ways the tooling makes it easy and convenient to develop enterprise applications that are based on Spring Boot and how the Spring Tool Suite integrates will all the different parts of Spring IO.

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Software developers are the translators between ideas and code. They translate ideas about functionality to code so the end users can benefit from a usable program. This translation has to be done in a careful and responsible way. It should be done by a responsible developer.

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How can we quickly tell what an application is about? How can we quickly tell what it does? How can we distinguish business concepts from architecture clutter? How can we quickly find the code we want to change? How can we instinctively know where to add code for new features? Purely looking at unit tests is either not possible or too painful. Looking at higher-level tests can take a long time and still not give us the answers we need. For years, we have all struggled to design and structure …

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Firebase is the fastest way to build your app. Come and learn how you can build applications quickly without managing complex infrastructure. You’ll find out how Firebase’s data storage, user management, and asset hosting features work.

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Interaction design luminary Alan Cooper discusses the importance of using personas in designing interfaces that will help your users to achieve their goals.

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Douglas Crockford Talks about ‘Upgrading the Web’ at the Angular U conference in San Francisco. This talk suggests a way forward, taking inspiration from our successful transition from NTSC to HDTV. There is a way forward to a web that is safer, easier, and as good as we desire.

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This session presents the true story of a framework; how it started, the wins, the fails, our daily workflow and how it was planned plan to take it to the next level by making it a crucial part of a Design, UX and Development processes. It also explains why a framework and smoke machines are a great match! Why they are a must have in every workplace and why/how they need to become bigger and more powerful.