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Today there are many security models available for authentication and authorization. Identity federation is particularly common today to achieve Single Sign-On (SSO) and social login with popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter are prevalent.

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The Go runtime for App Engine is a high performance engine for running web applications. It produces fast responses, starts instances in a fraction of a second, makes the most use of instance hours, and allows your app to do serious processing at full machine speed. Come along to hear how to fully exploit the power of Go on App Engine and make your web applications the best they can be

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If you want to create a User eXperience (UX) that anyone will be able to use, start by thinking, “could my mom use this?” No offense to the moms! But as Andi Galpern points out, excellent UX design means an experience that anyone, even someone who might be a little less tech-savvy, can understand and navigate easily.

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Over two decades ago, Richard P Gabriel proposed the thesis of “Worse Is Better” to explain why some things that are designed to be pure and perfect are eclipsed by solutions that are seemingly limited and incomplete. This can also be true in software development.

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Marco Zarate speaks about Freelancing or consulting as a great career alternative for software developers. Thre primary subjects are how to get started, common myths about freelancing, important business topics, and why expertise in your craft alone isn’t enough to be a successful freelancer. The presentation also provides testimonies from other freelancers and good online resources to learn more about freelancing.

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John O’Duinn, Director of Release Engineering at Mozilla kicked off ICSE 2013 with his keynote – Release Engineering as a Force Multiplier. The build and release process used to be a pain point at Mozilla, but now makes the company and community more productive as a whole.

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While keeping software production ready throughout its lifecycle and optimizing your delivery process for shorter cycle times might seem like a good idea to you, the rest of your organization might not share your excitement. In this talk, I share stories from companies who have attempted to adopt continuous delivery and discusses the organizational, architectural and process factors that led to the success – or failure – of these initiatives.

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“Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility.” is the 9th principle of Agile Manifesto. Why is it so important to take care of code cleanness ? What are the major “code smells” which taint our code ? And how to clean or avoid them? Watch this video find some answers to these questions (live code inside :).

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I hate to break it to you, guys, but Ruby is old enough to drink. What started out as a small community full of fun, silliness, and connection has been growing. Our small codebases are now large. Our small companies are now large. And the large companies have finally figured out that they want in, too.

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The ruby standard library is full of great code. It’s also full of dragons. This presentations shows you some of fun parts, parts that you may not be using and may not even know about. It shows you that you don’t have to install everything on GitHub to build your application. It also looks at some of nasty parts, and how to put a training collar on some of those dragons.