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Have you ever looked at Ruby code and struggled to grasp what the code actually does despite understanding all the Ruby language bits the code uses? Or maybe you’ve tried debugging a problem where the stack trace left you wondering, “How could the program possibly get to this place in the code?”

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I believe strongly that software development is, incontrovertibly, an engineering discipline (albeit still an immature one). But a great many people in our field have decided that it’s not. I think this is a harmful mistake.

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For 10 years, Groovy has dramatically improved the productivity of Java developers on the desktop. With unique like closures, builders, AST transformations, traits, optional static compilation and many more, Groovy turned out to be a very competitive language on the JVM. Compared to other JVM languages, Groovy has the major advantage of being totally Java-friendly, both in terms of syntax and interperability.

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Reactive is becoming the new cool kid on the block when it comes to developing mission critical applications. What is the big deal? The old hands that were involved in the likes of Erlang and Tandem will say this is nothing new. Indeed that is very true. However many seem to have lost their way with enterprise applications and descended into the tar pit of big frameworks such as JEE, or built Rails apps that fall apart when they grow up into successful applications.

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So much of the time we focus on what we do and how we do it. We read books on coding, we come to conferences, we download open source and sample code, we read blogs and listen to podcasts.

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So you know about object oriented code and wrapping functions up into classes with similar behavior. This talk will take you on a deeper dive into SOLID, a mnemonic for five rules of well-designed OO code. It also covers some common design patterns, with examples, and cover some further guidelines about designing clean code.

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In two parts, I’ll share the story of how I transformed into a hirable web developer in just under one year while highlighting the ways people helped me to get to that point. I hope you’ll come away with ideas how you can make a difference in your own community. As Tal Ben-Shahar says, there is no more selfish act than a generous one, so this talk is really for your own good.

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Back in 2006, when Dave was helping Kevin Taylor get Obtiva started, they realized that in order to get to where they wanted to go, the standard hiring approach wasn’t going to work. They knew that they needed to grow talented developers at the same time as hiring them. They launched an apprenticeship program that produced over a dozen strong developers, who played key roles in Obtiva’s success.

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Gradle is an open source build tool that is based on the Groovy programming language. It is different from existing tools like Ant and Maven, because it provides a powerful capability to develop build applications using Groovy code and a compelling Groovy DSL.

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Docker is an open source container virtualization framework that was released in 2013. It makes it easy to create lightweight, portable, and self-sufficient containers. Containers which you can use to test applications, build and run services or even to build your own platform-as-a-service. Learn why Docker matters, how to get started with it and see some cool examples of Docker in action.