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This talk surveys the current state of immutable data in Ruby, JavaScript and Python, comparing and contrasting it to Clojure. Following the rise of Clojure, many of us have become aware of the idea of immutable data structures and their benefits.

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This video explains the Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) workflow in PhpStorm IDE and show you how to drive the design of your code with PhpSpec. With a focus on refactoring, source and file navigation, live templates and autocompletions you can learn how to shorten your development feedback loop and write well specified applications faster.

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Some of the commonly used frameworks within Credit Suisse were completely redesigned and extended during the last years. Legacy interfaces were removed or adapted, and the overall coupling within the system as well to the system’s clients could be significantly reduced. During the whole process structural and behavioral evolution was a key aspect to be managed.

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Developing a multi-million LOC highly integrated software product across several locations in numerous time-zones introduces multi-dimensional challenges for the developer operation. Ensuring a frequently available build, configuring and parameterizing tools effectively and efficiently, and guaranteeing that the right content is included for the right release are the top three challenges.

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How much reason supports the rituals and mantras often repeated as coding guidelines? It turns out that the advice often fails, even for the novices they are intended to guide. Let’s reason through these rather than accept them as unquestioned habits.

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The Agile movement may have reached a tipping point. Many are finding that deploying Agile has not gained them the business benefits they are looking for. Looking deeper into what has occurred in many of the “Agile deployments”, there seems to be a focus on “doing Agile” and very little on “being Agile”.

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How can we quickly tell what an application is about? How can we quickly tell what it does? How can we distinguish business concepts from architecture clutter? How can we quickly find the code we want to change? How can we instinctively know where to add code for new features? Purely looking at unit tests is either not possible or too painful. Looking at higher-level tests can take a long time and still not give us the answers we need. For years, we have all struggled to design and structure …

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Most developers have heard about Gearman and ZeroMQ, but don’t really know how they differ and in what aspects they are the same. This talk will give you an introduction on both solutions, followed by some real world examples and will try to guide you in choosing the right one.

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NetBeans IDE 8 delivers full support for the latest Java 8 technologies. This includes new enhancements for Maven and Java EE, new tools for HTML5, and improved support for PHP and C/C++.

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Creating code is easy, creating good code takes a lot of time, effort, discipline, and commitment. The code we create are truly the manifestations of our designs. Creating a lightweight design can help make the code more extensible and reusable. In this presentation we will take an example oriented approach to look at some core design principles that can help us create better design and more maintainable code.