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Java Developer Tooling in the Cloud

In this talk we take a look at the latest changes and new features of the Spring Tool Suite, the Eclipse-based IDE that comes packed with support for Spring, Groovy, Grails, Gradle, AspectJ, and Cloud Foundry. We

Groovy in the Light of Java 8

With Java 8 out the door, Java developers can, at last, benefit from the long-awaited lambdas, to taste the newly-found functional flavor of the language. Streams are there to work more easily and efficiently with heaps of

Workflow Architectures with Grails

Groovy & Grails is one of the best scenarios to construct software architectures, creating applications and/or plugins, using well-known Java libraries, and developing other useful software resources like DSLs. On the other hand, BPMS solutions are an

Can Groovy Help Android Developers?

For 10 years, Groovy has dramatically improved the productivity of Java developers on the desktop. With unique like closures, builders, AST transformations, traits, optional static compilation and many more, Groovy turned out to be a very competitive

Web and Mobile Applications with Spring and Groovy

Rich media and digital content are an integral part of nearly all Web and mobile applications today, but the growing number of platforms, changing business demands and time to market are a major concern. Learn modern practices