Workflow Architectures with Grails

Groovy & Grails is one of the best scenarios to construct software architectures, creating applications and/or plugins, using well-known Java libraries, and developing other useful software resources like DSLs. On the other hand, BPMS solutions are an excellent manner to deal with workflows (i.e. business processes) in our software architectures, since they provide flexible and decoupled mechanisms.

The idea is to describe the common architecture and applications, the current solutions and the most remarkable plugins, as well as the benefits, limitations, challenges, etc.. In addition, and following new trends, as microservices architecture style and developer-friendly BPM solutions, we want to present our active open source projects using Grails : Ocelot BPMS and Implicit BPM. Ocelot offers an extension of a current framework (e.g. Camunda) in Grails, providing new modelling features and a customisable execution environment. Lastly, Implicit BPM is an experimental MVC software architecture that aims to modularize the control flow of the system as a transversal process using interception techniques (AOP) and expressing them via its own Groovy DSL.

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