Why Reactive Architecture Will Take Over the World

This talk discusses the tenants of the Reactive Pattern and the importance of moving away from Monolithic architectures into a Reactive architecture. It examines Spring Integration and the Grails Async features (along with Netty and RabbitMQ) in order to show they can quickly and effectively help your application to become Reactive. It also argues that the JVM is the best foundation currently for this architecture, but that if we’re not careful, NodeJS may be the most popular.

The natural tendency for application developers is to construct their code in a procedural, monolithic pattern. Veteran Developers know that this leads to error prone, unscalable, slow software, yet it is alarmingly prevalent. There have been several architectural patterns that have risen over the years which have attempted to mitigate this problem. We’ve heard of Service Oriented Architecture, Integration Patterns, and Event-Driven Systems, but the Reactive pattern has the best chance for success.

Video producer: http://greachconf.com/