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Managing PostgreSQL changes for the Agile DBA

Managing PostgreSQL changes for the Agile DBA

Whether you are the PostgreSQL DBA for an Agile, Sprint-based team, or a software developer with DBA responsibilities, you may feel like the development bottleneck at every turn. Managing migrations with your ORM of choice is easy, but often error-prone and hard to manage as the project grows. Or worse yet, maybe your schema and change management is a folder full of poorly commented SQL scripts saved to a local disk.

Surely there is a better, SQL-centric way to manage PostgreSQL as code, test changes, and deploy updates – right? Yes, there is! This presentation explores the current state of tooling to manage PostgreSQL schema and code changes. By demonstrating the process from database creation to deploying changes, you will see how common tools like Sqitch, FlywayDB, pyrseas, PostgresCompare, and others can provide the foundation you need to transform how you manage PostgreSQL changes within your daily work. After watching this video, you will have learned how to tame PostgreSQL databases, managing changes and migrations with ease, and become the envy of your Scrum software development team.

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