How to Interact with Software Developers

From the four statements that the Agile Manifesto gave us, we often succeed in the last three. We often manage to make software that works, we try to listen to our customers, and we even sacrifice personal time to respond to change in a timely manner. But what about individuals and interactions? The principle that “we have come to value individuals and interactions over processes and tools” often remains ignored.

And the discussions continue about what processes should we adopt and what tools should we use. In this session, I will share with you my two years experience of growing up as a team leader, mentor, and coach for the team I work with daily. We will see the greatest fears of interactions, we will discuss why individuals are not valued. Then we will dive into some psychological and social issues so we can understand what is actually happening in the minds of each individual. The topics will cover anxiety, indecision, fear of speaking up, fighting instead of talking, the difference between dialog and discussion, too little or too much involvement in interactions. Finally, some tips and tricks, some best practices, and some dont’s will be presented.

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