Continuous Delivery + DevOps = Awesome

Sure, we have all thought that continuous delivery is important in software delivery… now we have data to back it up. Dr. Nicole Forsgren will present new research that shows the central role that CD plays in Agile and DevOps, the key processes that contribute to it, and how it can not only impact your IT teams and company success, but how it can also make your work feel better. This extends her prior research showing why investments in IT are now impacting teams and organizations, how we got here, and what’s next. The presentation includes the data to help you prove your case (to management or even yourself) about why CD and DevOps are essential to winning, as well as great stories and examples to really bring these concepts to life. Nicole invites all DevOps practitioners to build their teams up so they can lead high performing organizations, and think about what they can do to affect change beyond their teams and their organizations.

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