RaveJS: Spring Boot for JavaScript

Modern JavaScript frameworks have become quite sophisticated. Unfortunately, they have also become quite complicated. The demos and sample projects for these frameworks look deceptively simple. However, to build and deploy real applications, developers must scaffold, configure, and maintain a tremendous amount of intricate machinery.

Until recently, the Java world wasn’t very different. Spring Boot finally made it easy to create stand-alone, production-grade Spring Applications that can you can “just run”. Can we do the same for JavaScript? Yes, we can! Introducing RaveJS. Rave eliminates configuration, machinery, and complexity. Stop configuring and tweaking machinery such as file watchers, minifiers, and transpilers just to get to a runnable app. Instead, go from zero to “hello world” in 30 seconds. In the next 30 seconds, easily add capabilities and frameworks to your application simply by installing *Rave Extensions* and *Rave Starter* packages from npm and Bower, the leading JavaScript package managers. Finally, install additional *Rave Extension* packages to apply your favorite build, deploy, and testing patterns.

RaveJS home page: https://github.com/RaveJS/rave