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Feedback Loops in Enterprise Environments

Feedback Loops in Enterprise Environments

Enterprises do not have the benefit of starting from scratch, they must implement DevOps in an existing environment, often managing heritage investments along with fast moving projects. The monitoring tools unfortunately fall into the same category. These complex, dated, and costly monitoring tools don’t meet today’s needs in providing the visibility required for agile development that leverage continuous delivery and DevOps. Not only are the tools an issue, but the visibility and approaches are also problematic.

The use of open source tools has been the de facto approach for DevOps, but this approach comes with it’s own set of challenges in terms of managing a complex stack of tools with varying quality of support/community. The move to a metrics-driven feedback loop enables teams to act fast at any stage of the product lifecycle. We will outline common technology stacks and approaches using graphite, statsd, and collectd along with nagios, munin, and other system monitoring tools. We will also outline commercial solutions, and how these tools tend to fall into silos as well.

Monitoring must be reformed with new platforms and technologies, fitting specific design patterns which meet the needs of DevOps teams, these will be outlined and explained from a requirements perspective, providing a roadmap for how to apply these learnings inside your company.

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