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Your Change Initiative Doesn’t Have to Fail

Your Change Initiative Doesn’t Have to Fail

The vast majority of change initiatives fail. Fortunately we have approaches like Kanban or, in a broader context, Lean and Systems Thinking. They help us to address the challenges we face when running our change programs. We should be good. Or should we? Surprisingly enough, with the rise of Lean we don’t really see improvements in success rates of change initiatives. Why so?

Every now and then we focus on processes and methods. We exploit success stories from a factory floor where Lean was born. Just to fail again. Should it be a surprise given how different knowledge work is from manufacturing? Should it be a surprise given bias toward methods and tools at cost of mindset?

Let me discuss some of methods we use to drive improvements. My goal is to show you that most of the time you shouldn’t even bother to use them. The missing bit is almost never a tool or a method. This is going to be sort of myth busting. We need that to change our focus to the important bits: right mindset and understanding the context.

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