10 Things About Agile

During the conference I quickly discovered that there is a certain denial to agile and some see it even as a thread as every conversation is dominated by agile here and agile there. So I was pleased to be allowed to clear some mist from it by particularly looking at ten Agile topics.

These topics are:
1. The Agile Manifesto – Use it as a checklist for your own projects
2. Scrum – A nice framework for development centric projects
3. Kanban – Visualises your current process and its bottlenecks
4. Big Bang – Doesn’t work for executing a project!
5. Adapt – Even agile processes can’t be used as a recipe.
6. Information is not knowledge – The most important aspect to understand close collaboration
7. Silos are for farmers – Better be on the same pasture
8. Stay Close – The theory about bubbles.
9. Product Owner – Who can do the job?
10. User Stories – Be very productive but also formal if required.

Video producer: http://www.meetup.com/AgilePractitioners/