What is a Reactive Application?

Reactive is becoming the new cool kid on the block when it comes to developing mission critical applications. What is the big deal? The old hands that were involved in the likes of Erlang and Tandem will say this is nothing new. Indeed that is very true. However many seem to have lost their way with enterprise applications and descended into the tar pit of big frameworks such as JEE, or built Rails apps that fall apart when they grow up into successful applications.

Yet some large scale web companies, telco providers, financial trading firms, and multi-player online games are delivering services that are always available by being resilient to failures, always responsive so that users are not left waiting, and reactive to load by elastic use of resources. How do they offer this level of service? Well that is what we want to discuss.

This session explores what are considered the desirable characteristics of reactive applications via a series of lightening talks. Then it discusses the design approaches that can be taken to achieve these desirable characteristics. The discussion is open to the audience so everyone can explore this topic and learn.

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