Breaking Up a Monolithic Application

Groupon recently completed a year-long project to migrate its U.S. web traffic from a monolithic Ruby on Rails application to a new multi-application stack with substantial results. Learn the strategies, techniques, and tools used to peel apart a monolithic application, and then integrate dozens of smaller applications into a cohesive, faster to run, faster to evolve, and easier to maintain whole!

Groupon’s entire U.S. web frontend had been a single Rails codebase from its inception in 2008. The frontend codebase quickly grew large, which made it difficult to maintain and challenging to ship new features. As a solution to this gigantic monolith, we decided to re-architect the frontend by splitting it into small, independent and more manageable pieces which we integrated into a cohesive whole. At the center of this project, we rebuilt each major section of the website as an independent application. We also rebuilt the infrastructure to make all the independent apps work together. Interaction Tier (I-Tier) was the result.

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