Web Development, The Clean Way

Have you ever been in a project where doing Web front coding was a worst possible engagement in a team? We Java developers can do really great code ,we do TDD, Clean Code, reviews, static analysis etc.. Well, mostly as long as we talk about the Java part that is working on the server side.

When it comes to a GUI things are slightly different. We tend to create lot of JS, CSS,HTML having no real clue what is going on. Copying and pasting code that we got from Web Designers. Extending it with some random snippets we find in Internet. And then we get the mess? And then we make it public. This talk showns some common problems for Java developers that are associated with web development. There will be also proposed solutions, rules and tools that can help in overcoming pitfalls. Surprisingly – the most important rule is that once you do web development, you have to make it exactly as serious as any other development!

Video producer: http://geecon.org/