REST in Practice, in Practice

This presentation provides lessons learnt using web APIs and composable services to build a database server and its testing infrastructure. In the mid-2000s I was using the web as a platform for building and integrating enterprise apps. This led to my co-authoring ‘REST in Practice’, a guide to applying web technologies and the tenets of REST in the enterprise.

Then, in 2011, I joined a a graph database company. Here, we applied the ideas that inspired ‘REST in Practice’ to a quite different set of architectural problems.
In this session I’ll discuss some the things I’ve learnt in applying ‘REST in Practice’ in a new context: implementing a database server API, and building the infrastructure we use for testing clusters, bootstrapping proofs-of-concept, reproducing customer scenarios, and benchmarking the database. My experience has reinforced many of the core precepts of the book, but it has also led me to qualify and revise others – and even, in some cases, to consider alternative web-based approaches.

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