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Myths & Miscommunications about Kanban

Myths & Miscommunications about Kanban

During the Kanban Leaders Retreat (KLRUS) in San Diego last November of 2012, several leading kanban coaches, trainers, and practitioners participated in a session focused on identifying some of the “surprising” myths and misconceptions about the Kanban Method observed as they coach, train, and guide others on work sites.

How about these, any surprises here for you?
* It doesn’t require all work items to be “sized” the same.
* It doesn’t require you to stop using fixed-length iterations (though you might).
* It doesn’t require you to stop estimating (though you might do much less).

In this video Frank Vega shares some of the insights gathered from leaders at KLRUS about several of the myths and misconceptions discussed there. If you’re just beginning to learn about the Kanban Method, this presentation will provide a useful foundational perspective to keep in mind as you continue your research and reading of articles, posts, etc. Those who are a bit more experienced with the Kanban Method will benefit too by becoming more familiar with these misconceptions and how our community is working to address them.

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