The Importance of Agile Readiness

The Agile movement may have reached a tipping point. Many are finding that deploying Agile has not gained them the business benefits they are looking for. Looking deeper into what has occurred in many of the “Agile deployments”, there seems to be a focus on “doing Agile” and very little on “being Agile”.

“Doing Agile” focuses on skills and process change. What is needed to gain the business benefits from Agile is a strong focus on the cultural and behavioral changes for “Being Agile” which focuses on a willingness to continuously adapt toward customer value.

In this interactive session, we will walk-through the Ready, Implement, Coach, and Hone (RICH) Deployment Framework that is discussed in the new Agile book entitled, “Being Agile”. The primary focus will be on the Agile Readiness activities that can help you lay the ground work for achieving an Agile transformation and the business benefits it can bring.

If you are contemplating Agile, you will walk out with an Agile Roadmap focused on transforming and if you are in the midst of an Agile adoption and not seeing the benefits you were hoping for, you will gain insight into improving your direction.

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