Reality Check on the Internet of Things

My aim is to clear away some misunderstandings regarding the Internet of Things, and introduce MQTT – a protocol that is considered one of the most promising protocols. The presentation starts with a live demo of my IoT setup with a sonar, Arduino, Raspberry PI, MQTT, a talking Skull,, Sensors and Minecraft! Perhaps you can use the setup to have an entertaining Halloween…

Part one of this talk provides a picture of what the selling points for IoT are – and some of the obstacles we’ll met on our way to get there.Part two focuses on technology, the different competing standards for IoT – with examples. This should be relevant to many of the listeners, as most consultancies and companies will come across IoT in the coming years.

How I use one of the most promising protocols – MQTT – in a hobby project that can also involve children in order to teach a little coding, a bit about internet of things, and some hobby electronics. I’ll introduce – a node.js based framework for orchestration of IoT and MQTT. I’m going to show message flow, source code, live influence of the components, and best practices for MQTT orchestration. In conclusion I’ll give examples on how you can combine use IoT technologies like MQTT in typical business systems to bridge them to the physical world via sensors and indicators.

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