Prototype and Test Any Product in 5 Days

It is often said, “ship early, ship often,” and most product teams are familiar with this classic building process: ideate, build, launch, measure, iterate, repeat. While this system can work, and has, it may not be the most productive. What happens when the original idea flops? Then, you’ve lost precious time and resources developing a product you don’t want anymore. There’s got to be a better way.

Daniel Burka and Jake Knapp, Design Partners at Google Ventures, have created what they call a “5-day design sprint.” A faster and more efficient way to create, design, and test a product, all in a single work-week. In this presentation, they walk us step-by-step through this process, using their client Blue Bottle Coffee as a case study. The pair make an argument for why the well-known truism should be changed from, “ship early, ship often,” to “learn early, learn often.”

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