UX Basics: Designing For Your Mom

If you want to create a User eXperience (UX) that anyone will be able to use, start by thinking, “could my mom use this?” No offense to the moms! But as Andi Galpern points out, excellent UX design means an experience that anyone, even someone who might be a little less tech-savvy, can understand and navigate easily.

This talk provides a brief and informative introduction to the basics of good UX. It focuses on Gestalt principles of design (proximity, continuity, similarity, figure/ground) to show you how following a few simple guidelines can lead to a site that is both functional and beautiful.

Video producer: https://thenewcircle.com


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  2. mom.and.me

    Well, the mom metaphor is stale now. We live in a time where/when there are literally 1000s of moms who understand technology much better than the average 20 year old.

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