Domain-Driven Design (DDD) Meets Functional Programming (FP)

Domain-Driven Design (DDD) and Functional Programming (FP) have a lot of good things in common: DDD has borrowed many ideas from the FP community, and both share a common inspiration on established formalisms like maths. For the software developer, the result is a style of code that mixes the best of DDD, OO and FP. Even in non functional languages like Java or C#, this combined set of practices helps craft simple and powerful code that reads well and that is very easy to test.

In this talk we will have a closer look at some of these ideas, in the context of domain models inspired from real-world projects. From basic FP hygiene like immutability and closure of operations to more mathematical inspirations from abstract algebra like monoids, we will show how all that translates into beautiful code.

WARNING: This may influence your coding style…

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