Software Development Productivity Tricks

Being able to do stuff is half of the story. Actually getting it done is as hard. Becoming productive in your environment is extremely important to you as a knowledge worker. Especially in the age of many distractions and short attention spans.

This session is about being productive in software development. Since different things work for different people, it will cover a broad array of tricks and approaches. While everything won’t be applicable to anybody, everybody will find something useful.

The talk will have four parts:
General productivity. We start with overarching productivity “principles”, that are applicable to everyday life and not just the workplace. It includes organizing the things you have to do, tracking your thoughts and keeping stress levels low.
Workplace productivity. Next we will talk about a bunch of tricks you can apply to your job, be it a programmer or an executive. This includes keeping track of ToDos, focusing and staying ontop of the communication with your colleagues.
Programmer productivity. The third part will be about shipping code efficiently (meaning “high-quality and on time”). We will talk about tweaking your editor, using existing tools and how to approach writing code.
Building your own tools. If you want to take this to the next level, you have to start building your own tools. You have many options – using the shell, scripting your editor or even building small applications for your own use. The final part will give you ideas about what you can do.

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