Combining Data, Information, Services and Programming, at Internet-Scale

Do you want programming languages which scale to integrate internet-scale information sources like data markets, entity graphs, the Google Knowledge Graph and the information spaces of the modern enterprise?

The modern web and enterprise is highly information rich, but our programming languages are information sparse, especially our strongly typed ones. “Information Rich Programming” (IRP) is an emerging direction for strongly-typed language design and implementation, and the innovative F# language from Microsoft is leading the way in this area. In this talk, we’ll give an overview of the challenges of strongly-typed IRP against web data markets, web ontologies, databases, services and enterprise data schema. Are information spaces “just” libraries? Can we gives types to “everything”, and if so, should we? What does it mean for future languages? We’ll demonstrate what F# 3.0 specifically offers in the area of IRP, but also look at how information-richness makes us reconsider programming language and tooling design more generally, and take a look at the themes that recur in this kind of work.

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