Evolution from Software Quality Assurance to Test Engineering

This video focuses on what test engineering is, how it evolved from software quality assurance, and how the industry as a whole has implemented test engineering. You will learn specific examples of how it is implemented at Google.

You built an app. You launched it. You figured you’d get it out there, build up some volume, get some funding, throw it all out, and then start from scratch so you can “do it right”. But, demands for new features are sky high, you are now being asked to push towards unprecedented scale at an unheard of velocity. Yikes! Now what?

You cannot throw it away and start from scratch, you’ll just need to evolve what you have, while continuing to add high quality features at breathtaking speed. In addition, you need to ensure that what is already there doesn’t break. How do you do this? Fortunately, a new field is forming within the software engineering industry that addresses this common scenario: at Google, we call this “test engineering”.

Slides: http://goo.gl/76Ggf
Event: Google Test Automation Conference