Power Your Workflow With Git

Git is a free, distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency, which makes it perfect for indie developers. While Git has been around for a while, the tools and workflows are only now maturing. Now is the time to examine how you can benefit from using it.

This talk aims to be practical and hands on. We will start by BRIEFLY introducing Git, the core concepts of a distributed version control system and why it might be preferable over Subversion. Then we will focus in on how to use it effectively in iOS development. Git does not enforce any given workflow, so we’ll discuss best practices, the pedantically “”perfect”” workflow and then scale it back for the indie developer and small teams. We’ll run through the common use cases, tasks and configurations, survey several of the tools and services available and, of course, get down and dirty on the command line. My goal for this talk is to break the ice and show you how this tool can become a worthy and powerful ally. You’ll come away knowing why Git is awesome and how to use it in your workflow.

Video Producer: http://gallantgames.com/