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Pitfalls and Opportunities of Single Page Applications

Pitfalls and Opportunities of Single Page Applications

This talk will cover both pitfalls and opportunities of single-page applications, with a focus on native behavior that your application needs to provide in order to behave like an actual web site, while fixing a lot of the usability issues that web sites usually have.

The thick client is back! Pushing entire applications down to the client has become a lot more popular in recent times, and is especially interesting for mobile devices. Building a really solid and polished single-page applications means that we need to replicate a lot of native browser behavior, and when we don’t we’ll annoy or even scare away our users. Topics covered include dealing with proper URLs without breaking back and forward buttons and using the (still somewhat new) HTML5 history.pushState API. We’ll look at existing (and still missing) frameworks that help implement these behaviors.

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Conference: jQuery Conference San Francisco