Bootstrapping an Agile Project with Continuous Deployment and Cloudbees

his video demos how to quickly get to a fully agile project setup with continuous deployment. Everything is in the cloud – GIT repo, Jenkins, MongoDB and the app server. The system deploys automatically with every successful commit. The app itself is minimal, but does have a simple web interface and a database. The idea is that once you get this “walking skeleton” type app running in the cloud with continuous deployment, you can get user feedback early and often, and evolve more quickly.

The video demonstrates:
– Iterative development with VERY fast feedback loop
– a dash of TDD
– continuous deployment via git & jenkins & cloudbees
– using eclipse tightly integrated with maven, jetty, and git.
– the basics of mongo DB
– the basics of java servlet development (I’ve intentionally avoided using web frameworks, as this setup will work for any web framework).

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