Patterns for Persisting Large and Rich Domain Models

The knowledge on persisting large and rich domain models, especially in a performant and scalable way, is basically non existing. Lessons learned by architects of high-scale Domaing Driven Design (DDD) and Object Oriented-based systems in production settings are largely absent from the professional literature. And yet such knowledge should be of significant value to current practitioners responsible for the development or operation of such systems with performance and scalability concerns.

Therefore this seminar talk will focus on the persistence of domain models, the typical problems that arise around performance, scalability, and transaction isolation in domain model persistence, some observed solutions to those problems, and the consequences of those solutions for application architecture. Drawing on two decades of experience practicing DDD in multiple production systems, with different programming languages and various object persistence technologies, the talk will briefly survey the evolution of object persistence approaches, noting their performance, scalability, and isolation characteristics, culminating with exciting new possibilities offered by data grid technologies. However the bulk of the emphasis in the talk will be placed on patterns of domain model persistence with current Java ORM technologies.

Video Producer: JavaZone Conference