Demystifying Design

Collaboration is the key to an agile team’s success. Yet, even today, Design is too often perceived as a tactic to simply “make things user-friendly and pretty.” To combat that oversimplification, designers often shroud their work in a mysterious cloud of specialized tools and jargon reserved for silo’ed “design phases” that don’t allow outsiders in.

This mystery gives designers (of every sort – visual, UX, interaction, et al) a false perception of value, uniqueness and control over their process and work. In actuality, this self-imposed mystery drives divisions between designers and their teams. These divisions inhibit the collaboration agile teams need to create successful products. Designers need to stop looking at their work in terms of “trade secrets” and start opening up about their process. Through this transparency, collaboration and team cohesion thrive, the cloud lifts and the true value of Design becomes clear while designers are revealed to be the indispensable product people they truly are.

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