Goal-directed Web Applications with Scala

Prototypical applications found in industry today are heavily oriented toward solving the relevant problem, with a UI that is designed for simply satisfying input to the domain objects. This leads to UIs that often leave the user with little specific information on what the primary intent of the display is.

Goal-directed design however can greatly assist in these scenarios by placing the user experience in a central place during the inception of any given system. Goal-directed design is orientated toward capturing user intention and sending messages (or commands) back to the server, rather than mutated transformation objects (DTOs) that are simply persisted by the system, with little appreciation for what specifically changed or what the user was achieving.
This notion of sending messages has a strong synergy with actor based messaging. This session shows you how to model goal direction and task definition as small, manageable chunks of application functionality which are both far easier to reason about and far more convenient to scale compared to the mass of plumbing found in many enterprise applications.

Video Producer: JavaZone Conference