Dependency Injection Options in Scala

This video explores the dependency injection options available to developers using Scala. It covers several options including Java frameworks like Spring and Guice, and Scala language approaches such as the Cake pattern.

Along the way, the pros and cons of each option are discussed, for example Guice provides a nice binding DSL, but also relies on annotations and factories, leaving a non-Scala taste in your mouth when using it. Meanwhile the Cake pattern is all Scala, but self types can be confusing for people new to Scala, as can any kind of guidance for binding injections to variables. Finally it focuses on a new open source library for dependency injection which has been developed for Scala in a real world application setting, based on picking the best of the Java and Scala approaches. The talk is technical in nature, with plenty of code examples and a cookbook of recipes for different dependency injection usages.

Video Producer: Javazone Conference