The Future of UX is Play: The 4 Keys to Fun, Emotion and User Engagement

Ready for life as a game? From farming games on Facebook to Four Square check ins on Twitter games are a powerful force for driving traffic, shaping user behavior, and creating engagement. However, adding points and awarding badges are only part of the story. Based on XEODesign’s 18 years of research on why we play games, it’s the emotions that games create from interaction that drive hundreds of hours of play. The Four Keys to Fun is a proven framework from XEODesign’s research that Nicole Lazzaro used to create Tilt, the first iPhone accelerometer game with Joe Hewitt at iPhoneDevCamp. The future of UX are designs that employ emotions to guide attention, improve memory, enhance performance, and reward users for a job well done. Master these four techniques to paint attention onto a UI like Velcro and color it with emotions that best match the product, brand, or task at hand. Come join us to see how game design can unlock human potential and improve quality of life through play!

Producer: UX Week Conference