Agile Architecture, with an Update

James “Cope” Coplien has long been speaking about the need to maintain good but lightweight architectural practices in an Agile setting, and points to both industry experience and formal studies that support this position. Cope will talk in general about winning strategies that amplify the Agile values through good architectural practice. In the in-depth seminar that follows, Cope will cover these techniques in a bit more depth. He will also describe recent work with Trygve Reenskaug that looks closely about how to capture the structure of Use Cases directly in an OO architecture, and about when and how to do that.

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  1. Yuriy Zubarev

    Excellent talk! Engaging travel back in time to sort out true philosophy behind OO; sobering analysis of some modern languages and management and development methodologies; and finally, a promising peak into a future where lean architects and agile developers deliver valuable and sound solutions.

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