Testing Rich Client Web Applications by Jeff Hemminger

Making the move from sprinkling simple interactive Ajax controls into basic web applications to building feature rich clients with large JavaScript libraries brings with it some unique challenges. Among them is the need for better testing tools. The presenter will discuss some pros and cons of a few of the more popular web application testing tools: JSUnit, HtmlUnit, and Selenium. In addition presenter will present Envjs as a headless option to JSUnit. An example app written in Ext JS and Grails will provide a demo.

TechTalk: Testing Rich Client Web Applications by Jeff Hemminger from Object Partners on Vimeo.

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  1. Hey,

    Nice presentation.. I wanted to introduce you to an open source framework that we have been working on for the past year called Tellurium Automated testing framework. Tellurium is built on Selenium but it addresses some the shortcomings with selenium namely the static xpath for an element. In Selenium each dom element is referenced by the xpath and if something along the path changes then you cannot find the element, with Tellurium the xpath is generated runtime based upon the attributes of the element and its sibling and its parent. Also the UI is separted from the tests.Tellurium also adds bunch of new features, it supports caching, jquery selectors…etc. Give it a try… we’d like to hear your feedback.

    Vivek Mongolu

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