High performant Java 3D and 2D graphical applications

This presentation demonstrates that the Java platform is very well suited for high performance graphical applications, such as high demanding 3D and 2D applications in the GIS (Geographical Information Systems) world. In particular, we will share our advanced experience (techniques, pros and cons, do’s and don’ts) in the context of LuciadMap. LuciadMap is Luciad’s Java based GIS toolkit which is applied in high demanding domains such as Air Traffic Management. Starting from demos including replay of air traffic data in 3D combining Swing and JOGL, and an air traffic control display application featuring aircraft tracks and high performance label decluttering, techniques and tricks needed to achieve the necessary performance will be explained. The presentation is targeted both to developers who are new to Java graphics and who want to see that Java has no limitations for performant graphics, and to the more advanced Java graphics developer who wants to pick up new ideas.

Frank Suykens – a PhD in computer graphics from the University of Leuven – is Product Manager at Luciad, a leading international software company specializing in Java components for high end 2D and 3D visualization. Leading a team of expert Java software engineers he is responsible for all product management, including API design, performance and technology, combining the power and ease of Java development with high performance graphics.

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