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Spring 4 Web Applications

The Web and Spring MVC continue to be one of the most active areas of the Spring Framework with each new release adding plenty of features and refinements requested by the community. Furthermore version 4 added a

Microservices for PaaS with Spring and Cloud Foundry

Microservices – small, loosely coupled applications that follow the Unix philosophy of “”doing one thing well”” – represent the application development side of enabling rapid, iterative development, horizontal scale, polyglot clients, and continuous delivery. They also enable

Why Reactive Architecture Will Take Over the World

This talk discusses the tenants of the Reactive Pattern and the importance of moving away from Monolithic architectures into a Reactive architecture. It examines Spring Integration and the Grails Async features (along with Netty and RabbitMQ) in

Internet of Things (IoT) with Spring XD

This demo explores the power of Spring XD in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT). We will look at a solution developed with Spring XD to stream real time analytics from a moving car using

Pitfalls Of Building Large Scale Applications

Relying on network reliability and topology are just a few mistakes most engineers make. Common fallacies of distributed computing are one of the most important factors that engineers need to keep in mind when building large scale