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REST in Practice, in Practice

This presentation provides lessons learnt using web APIs and composable services to build a database server and its testing infrastructure. In the mid-2000s I was using the web as a platform for building and integrating enterprise apps.

SOAP or REST or WebSocket?

This BOF is a lively discussion comparing SOAP, REST, and WebSocket architectures, asking questions such as when to use which? Should SOAP and/or REST be used in a complementary way where request/response are handled with SOAP and/or

Securing Rest-ful Web Services with OAuth2

One of the questions we get asked the most by developers and architects is: when and why would I use OAuth2? The answer, as often with such questions, is “it depends”, but there are some features of

How RESTful Is Your REST?

The rise of mobile and the diversity of its technologies make exposing a RESTful API the most crucial capability of any application and the key to its success. In the absence of widely adopted best practices and

Building Modern Apps with Backbone.js and Service Stack

Learn how to structure web applications by using the good old Model-View-Controller pattern in the browser rather than on the server. You’ll learn how to build models with key-value binding and custom events, collections with a rich