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Pex – Unit Testing of SharePoint Services that Rocks!

SharePoint Services are challenging for unit testing because it is not possible to execute the SharePoint Service without being connected to a live SharePoint site. For that reason, most of the unit tests written for SharePoint are

ADO.NET: RESTful Data Services

Data and Modeling Group Architect, Pablo Castro, discusses RESTful ADO.NET Data Services with Ted Neward

Write Flex and PHP Code Using Flash Builder

This video explains how to write Flex and PHP code using Flash Builder 4 and Zend Studio 7.1. It also illustrates how remoting enables your application to consume PHP services.

Data Programming and Modeling for the Microsoft .NET Developer

This code-centric talk focuses on the advances being made in tools, languages, and frameworks that simplify how to model, consume, or produce data. Hear about the future of data programming and modeling using Microsoft products and services.

RIA Problems You Never Expected: Service Versioning

Everybody versions their code, but what about your service APIs? In this video, Kevin Hoyt examines API versioning as a means to circumvent future application incompatibilities.