Sprint Titan Mobile OSGi

This session will discuss the impact of the Sprint Titan Platform on the Mobile ecosystem. We will briefly describe Sprint Titan, and then examine the ways it will affect the various entities in the ecosystem. We will also compare and contrast Sprint Titan with other entrants in mobile and how the Titan Rich MobileNet Architecture will effect them. With the wide adoption of OSGi technology in the enterprise space, and the wide availability of highly capable mobile devices, the time is right for Sprint Titan to take its place as the preeminent programming environment for the next generation of Mobile networked applications and middleware. Sprint intends to be the leader in delivering the next generation of OPEN mobile platform and mobile networking, allowing developers to create truly compelling mobile, connected applications by “Standing on the shoulders of Giants”. This session is a must for anyone who has ever held a mobile device in their hand and wondered why it didn’t have the software features you wanted.