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The Future of Gradle

We are convinced that Gradle is already the best available enterprise build system. Yet we are far from done. We have finally the R&D bandwidth to deeply improve Gradle in the areas where it lacks. We also

Java Developer Tooling in the Cloud

In this talk we take a look at the latest changes and new features of the Spring Tool Suite, the Eclipse-based IDE that comes packed with support for Spring, Groovy, Grails, Gradle, AspectJ, and Cloud Foundry. We

RaveJS: Spring Boot for JavaScript

Modern JavaScript frameworks have become quite sophisticated. Unfortunately, they have also become quite complicated. The demos and sample projects for these frameworks look deceptively simple. However, to build and deploy real applications, developers must scaffold, configure, and

Using Gradle In Large Software Projects

Gradle is an open source build tool that is based on the Groovy programming language. It is different from existing tools like Ant and Maven, because it provides a powerful capability to develop build applications using Groovy

Open Source Scalable Continuous Integration

Many open source tools are available for continuous integration (CI). Only a few operate well at large scale. And almost none are built to scale in a distributed environment. Come find out the challenges of implementing CI