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Domain-Driven Design for the Database Driven Mind

For the long-time database focused developer, setting persistence concerns in the back seat as you shift your focus to designing software around solving business problems is a scary prospect. But it doesn’t need to be.

Building Your First MongoDB Application

MongoDB is a document-store open source NoSQL database featuring a dynamic schema, ad hoc queries, powerful aggregation framework, high availability and consistency, as well as a scaling solution to grow with your application.

Apache Cassandra at Instagram

As Instagram has scaled to over 200 million users, so has its use of the Cassandra NoSQL database. Instagram has built new features and rebuilt old on Cassandra, and it’s become an extremely mission-critical foundation of its

Database Normalization: Friend Or Foe

Everyone wants a more organized database with less repetition, right? Quick answer: normalize! Great, but what does this actually mean for the structure of your tables? Which normal form should you use, and what is a normal

MySQL Applications Architecture and Design

This presentation discusses the process that MySQL architects should follow in order to design efficient and scalable MySQL powered applications. It covers the questions you should be asking about the performance, high availability, security and scalability of