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Continuous Delivery + DevOps = Awesome

Sure, we have all thought that continuous delivery is important in software delivery… now we have data to back it up. Dr. Nicole Forsgren will present new research that shows the central role that CD plays in

Visualizing Codebases

Code lines are added at high speed? Too many developers? How do you see the big picture? What processes are going on with your large code base? This presentation shows how to leverage existing code analysis tools

Why Google Stores Billions of Lines of Code in a Single Repository

This presentation discusses the scale of Google’s codebase, describes Google’s custom-built monolithic source repository, and discusses the reasons behind choosing this model of source control management. It includes background on the systems and workflows used at Google

DevOps Stories From the Trenches

Starting with DevOps is either the most trivial, or the hardest thing to do. This talk will teach you a number of tricks on how to make life easier for your team. How to work together with

The Future of Gradle

We are convinced that Gradle is already the best available enterprise build system. Yet we are far from done. We have finally the R&D bandwidth to deeply improve Gradle in the areas where it lacks. We also