Software Developers Plantations

Have you ever wondered why great multi-billion dollar software products changing our lives are built in the US, Western Europe or Australia and not in Poland, Ukraine or Bulgaria? Uber, Facebook, Spotify, Tesla (sic!), JIRA – all of them built by software geeks. Are Polish (or other Central and Eastern European (CEE)) IT specialists less intelligent or worse than their colleagues from the West? Or maybe it’s about the huge capital those countries have and we don’t. Or maybe the problem is in our approach to IT and our mindset? Regardless of the true reasons, as the effect, tens and hundreds of thousands of relatively low-cost and controllable people in Poland and other CEE countries work on conserving and maintaining software systems envisioned and usually designed elsewhere. Together with other emerging countries, we have become a development plantation for the most modern countries. This presentation analyzes some reasons of this situation and present what mindset change must happen so that Poland and other CEE countries are not anymore colonies providing human resources, but instead have a creative impact on the advancement of the civilization and modern economy.

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