Software Architecture: Engineering or Bullshit?

What should software architecture be? How is it related to major critical software qualities and performance, to costs and constraints? How do we decide exactly what to propose and how do we estimate and prove it is justified? How can an organization qualify their own architects, and know the difference between the frauds and the experts? Would ‘real’ architects recognize what software architects know and do?

We believe that most activity, going under the name architecture, is NOT – ‘fail’. Current ‘Software achitecture’ is no more real ‘architecture’ than ‘hackers’ are ‘software engineers’. If we are just informally throwing out nice ideas, let us call ourselves ‘Software Brainstormers’. But if we are dealing with large scale, serious and critical systems, then we need to stop using cabin-building methods and start using skyscraper designing methods – we need a serious architecture and engineering approach.

Video Producer: JavaZone Conference

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