Power to the Programmers

The theme of this talk is that conventional power to IT Architects, and to IT Managers, the power to design the technical system, and Management power to design the IT or Software Organization is not placed in the right hands. We have a number of historical case studies that show, that when this power is delegated to the developer level, then they actually do a much more impressive job of getting things right.

The simple reason is that:
* Programmers are on the shop floor, and know what is realistic
* Programmers can make, and measure detailed technical decisions, evolutionarily, iteratively, and incrementally, that Architects and Managers cannot.

So, it is not even a matter of programmers grabbing the power, but that it is in management interest to delegate it to them. This is not new. It is built into the original ‘agile’ concept. But you have to add some quantification, and think like real software engineers, not mere ‘coders’. Are you up for that?

Video producer: http://geecon.org/