Creating Lightweight Applications With Only Java EE 6

The combination of the Convention over Configuration and Dependency Injection principles, drastically simplifies the Java EE 6 development model. This session covers the approach for building lean, but still maintainable and scalable applications with nothing but plain Java EE 6 technologies.

A (rich) JPA 2.0 domain object can be annotated with JSR-303 (Bean Validation) for validation purposes, EJB 3.1 Stateless / Stateful Session Bean provide the transactionality, remoting (JAX-RS / REST), concurrency. JSR-299 (CDI) enables the direct exposure to to the JSF 2 view and extension points, as well as aspects.

The interesting point: such minimalistic architecture still remains extensible and testable. The pragmatic combination of EJB 3.1, JPA 2.0, Bean Validation, Context and Dependency Injection and JAX-RS (REST) will be covered from the real world angle and is especially interesting to Java (EE) developers and architects.

Video Producer: Devoxx Conference