End to End Kanban

As a full-service online-agency e-netconsulting KG ist specialized in technically sophisticated web- and mobile-solutions. Aiming for improvement of internal processes Kanban soon appeared as a suitable method. Kanban enables us to model the entire value-added-chain . Focusing on software-development led to high response time regarding inquiries and often did we not go the whole distance, i.e. documentation and similar tasks remained incomplete.

And off course we want to improve our specific process of development. Due to the fact that agencies of e-netconsulting’s size face a challenge in multi-project-management most development-methods such as Scrum are not appropriate. Concerning this aspect Kanban was able meet our expectations. As a conclusion we can state that a combination of various classical means of Kanban (e.g. column WIPs, personal WIPs, visualizing the workflow, explicit rules) supplemented by specific company solutions (e.g. variational units of WIP limits, two independent while still combined boards) improved processes within e-netconsulting after two months already.

Watch this video on http://www.lean-kanban-conference.de/videos/end-to-end-kanban/