Domain Driven Rails

As anyone who’s been developing in Rails for a while knows, Ruby and Rails are particularly good tools for modeling complexity. However, very little emphasis has been placed on how to *manage* this complexity. “Domain-Driven Design” is a set of principles, patterns, and practices that help developers manage the complexity that comes along with working on large projects in interesting domains. The two ideas that I will focus on are Aggregates and Bounded Contexts. This talk is intended for developers working on longer-term, larger applications that are running in production and providing value to the business. I think the ideas in it start to become useful when a Rails app hits the 10k line mark, and are crucial for managing complexity beyond the 30k line mark. It’s an advanced topic and is meant as high-level design and architecture (implemented in real code though!!)

Video Producer: Aloha On Rails – Hawaii Ruby on Rails Conference

Resource: An Introduction to Domain Driven Design