Gradle – A Better Way To Build

Specially for large enterprise builds, the build performance is critical. Yet the build must be reliable and should be intuitive to use. Gradle offers plenty of features to support this: Gradle keeps a history of past build executions, provides ready to use and performant tools for change detection. You will learn about the unique Gradle incremental compile with a state-of-the-art dependency analysis. We will show Gradle’s multi-threaded test execution and the advantages of a fully customizable fork frequency. You will also learn about Gradle’s smart skipping and the many ways how you can control the execution of a multi-project build and optimize it for certain use cases. All this is provided out-of-the-box for standard Java project’s. Yet Gradle provides all this not via a rigid framework but by a rich domain model. That way all those features a part of an extremely customizable, true build language.